Hi, I'm Katie. I'm a Director of Engineering at Buffer, a globally distributed team with no offices. At Buffer, I lead the engineering team focusing on supporting our engineering managers and crafting an amazing environment where engineers do their best work.

I champion remote work and believe distributed teams are the future. You'll find me sharing engineering leadership thoughts on Twitter and Medium.

Recent Work

Upcoming with O'Reilly: 'Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams'

I'm currently writing an O'Reilly book, "Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams". This is a hands-on practical guide how the product engineering team I lead at Buffer completed an asynchronous rewrite of the frontend client without delaying the product roadmap, with Harrison Harnisch. This is the book we wish we'd had, coming soon for you!

Interview with GitPrime: High Touch Leadership in a Remote Team

One of my favourite interviews, chatting to Travis, CEO of GitPrime, about high-touch remote leadership, being open as a leader, and how managers are the first line of defence for mental health.

Managers'Club: Sharing advice for engineering managers navigating change

Chatting with Vidal for Managers' Club, I shared my approach to hiring, advice for new managers, and the resources, time management skills and personal habits that have helped me succeed and scale myself in my role from engineering manager to director.

Interview with FastCompany: The Emotionally Intelligent Manager’s Guide To Leading Remote Teams

I got to chat to Suzan Bond recently for this Fast Company piece on leading remote teams. This is a major focus for me at Buffer and we dove into the challenges of authentic, open communication and how to embrace conflict as a leader to create more effective remote teams.

The Next Web: Does acknowledging stereotypes make you bad at your job?

The Next Web shared this piece I wrote on being a women in tech, and explores why I previously was reticient to speak up on gender diversity and inclusion issues.

Inc Magazine: Why You Don't Want to Be a 'Woman in Tech'

This piece was originally shared on my medium,exploring the complexities I experienced about identifying as a "woman in tech" and why for some time my major coping strategy was to ignore gender challenges and refusing to be "woke". That changed now and I believe it's important for me personally to both speak up, but also acknowledge the very real risks inherent to doing so. As a straight, white, cis woman and leader, I have a lot of privilege which minimizes these risks for me. Others with less privilege face far more severe obstacles.

Fast Company: 3 Crucial Things I’ve Learned In My First 30 Days As A Manager

This Fast Company article was originally shared on my medium page. It's a candid look at my first days as a manager and how I overcame the fear I felt managing developers who had chosen the technical expert career track, and so knew far more in their fields than I did.

A Bit More About Me

My undergrad was in Philosophy and Economics, because I am quite curious and I wanted to know the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything! I then did an MSc in Managerial Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE), which was really interesting to me because I love how good management practices have the power to encourage and develop people to be truly fulfilled and reach their potential (and even grow into new areas). The corporate life wasn't for me though, and after graduating I did a u-turn to pursue my own definition of happiness and success and taught myself to code (which I love!). I also like languages and am teaching myself German at the moment.

What I love about being a developer is being able to build useful tools that make people's lives easier, and how the industry is so fast-paced that I'm always learning new things and being exposed to different challenges. My motto is "work hard and be nice to people". A good flat white, exploring new places, skiing and my family rock my world.

Find me on twitter tweeting engineering leadership and remote work or read my blog.